Dr. Bichler

About Timothy J. Bichler, M.D.

I was born and raised on a farm in North Dakota where I gained my understanding for hard work, family commitment and survival… especially through those harsh winters.

I attended school in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and finally came to Arizona in July of 1983 for my Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship. I have never left AZ since. I’ve been fortunate enough to practice Pulmonary/CC medicine now for almost 30 years and continue to be fascinated, yet humbled, by it on a seemingly every day basis. Taking care of the sickest of patients has made me realize how very fragile we all are as human beings and the need to enjoy every day we have.

My passion for Health Care revolves around patient education as well as making patients feel they are in control of their choices for health care and lifestyle changes. I will continue to adamantly discuss smoking cessation with my patients as I still see this as the number 1 lung related disease. My goal is to assure them I am here to help, but the choice is theirs regarding all aspects of patient care.

Personally, I am rather quiet, not much for crowds or shopping. I like to read novels, go the symphony, out to dinner with friends and walk on the beach. I have been fortunate to obtain a condo in Fort Lauderdale and in San Diego and truly enjoy seeing the sunrise in Florida and the sunset in San Diego but of course not all in one day.

I am currently working with Pulmonary Associates in Phoenix, AZ and feel honored to be part of such a great group of dedicated doctors & staff. I have been named in Phoenix Magazine Top Doc edition 7 times for pulmonary medicine. I look forward to the upcoming challenges we are facing in medicine today and will continue to strive for optimal patient care and inner peace.

– Dr. Bichler

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