About Tammie Katzenmeier

I grew up in small town in Kansas surrounded by lots of family. Like most teenagers, when it came time to go to college, I could not wait to get out of town. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, what to major in? My first thought was that I wanted to be a nurse because I did enjoy helping people. One biology class made me rethink that option. After looking at multiple careers, I picked what I enjoyed most at the time and continue to enjoy to this day. That was exercising. I went onto obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. After college, I returned to my home town temporarily and was left with that question, “Now what?”. A friend of a friend contacted me to fill a position as a receptionist in a 1-physician family practice. Having no other offers, I jumped in head first. This is where I found my love for healthcare, and finally, a career I could be excited about.

My husband held a career in baseball and that brought us to Arizona. I began working for Pulmonary Associates in 1998 as a medical biller. I built my knowledge of billing to become the manager of that department and shortly after, I could not wait to learn more. I wanted to understand the daily functions of the practice so I dug my heels in and educated myself. This led to me to the Office manager position in 2003 where I managed 3 offices and about 40 employees. It was in 2007 that I became the Administrator of the group, and took over managing all aspects of the practice. Although I have worked here for 16 years, I learn something new every day. I love the day to day challenges of my job, and I am proud of my accomplishments here. The staff at PA is like family to me. Over time, relationships are built with staff and physicians, but as the administrator, I feel that making sure the lines do not become blurred is crucial. If the PA employees were to describe me, I feel they would describe me as “firm but fair”. My passion as the leader is to ensure that our patients are treated as we would want our family members to be treated.

My life outside of my PA family is all about my boys, my hubby and my 3 sons. I spend all my free time hanging with them whether it be at a sporting event or just chilling at home. These boys are my life. They are why I get up every day. We keep busy with sports, trips to the lake, and lots outdoor fun. One of their favorite things to do is come to work with me. My PA family spoils them with treats, and they get to hang out with mom and see what she does all day. I take these opportunities to teach them what I teach my employees; treat others as you want to be treated.

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