About Mark H. Gotfried, M.D.

I believe that knowing the word “bronchiectasis” by the time I was 8 years old had something to do with my career path that led me into practicing Pulmonary Medicine. Growing up with a family member who suffered from chronic lung disease gave me the opportunity to observe the impact that a health care provider can have on not only the patient but the family.

My career path started in Chicago Public Schools; then to the Universities of Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona. Pulmonary Associates was my first pulmonary job and I am happy to say after more than 30 years of practice that it has been the right opportunity. Within the practice, I have been able to develop other passions namely research and sleep (the practice of sleep medicine is what I mean). I have been able to travel to many parts of the world and get to know colleagues whose perspective has been inspirational. I have a profound sense of gratitude to my patients, coworkers and colleagues. I thank them for the continued professional opportunities.

– Dr. Gotfried

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