I have been in Medicine and/or Nursing since right after dirt was born. I have been honored to work in many different pulmonary environments in multiple states, and am happy to be ‘settling down’ in Arizona. I approach my work with the thought of “What does the patient say or need?” then “What does the science say?” and unfortunately, in the world of outpatient care, “What does the insurance company say?” (I am half joking about that insurance bit!). That said, the most refreshing part of outpatient pulmonary care is helping folks breathe better, sleep better, feel better, one day at a time. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of our patients’ lives!

When not at work, you might find me out on some type of bike, hiking, running or walking the dog. My dream job would be Full-time Grandmother, volunteer, book reviewer, Ironman athlete, good beer taste tester, good wine taste tester, good food taste tester. All of those things. Not just one of them~~All of them!

Thanks for giving me, and Pulmonary Associates the opportunity to participate in your care, and your life! I am honored to be a part.


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Kim Locher, MS NP-BC practices at the following location(s):

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